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Seguro Multivida

3 + 3 life insurance

Protect the future of those you love most.

The insurance that gives your family a lump-sum payment and a monthly income.

  • Do not miss the chance!

    For annual policy with a premium of at least €500: You will have up to 30% off in the first year: For new life policies not linked to Future Plan. It can be broken down 5% a year. Not aplicable policies with a simple premium for a period exceeding one year (valid  until 31/08/2016). 

    And now, annual premiums less than €500 have up to 15% off under the same conditions as before (valid until 31/08/2016).

  • Features

    • CatalunyaCaixa 3 + 3 life insurance guarantees a payment to the insured's family in the event of his/her death or permanent and absolute disability. This payment consists of a lump sum and a monthly income for 36 months. Get more covers and benefits for less than €10 a month!
    • You can choose between five forms of payment, which vary according to the amount of capital that you wish to contract:


                Lump sum           

            Monthly income (36 months)      

          Options 1 + 3        



          Options 2 + 3



          Options 3 + 3



          Options 5 + 3



          Options 6 + 3        




    •  3 + 3 life insurance incorporates the following additional services:
      • Nutrition and healthy habits testing.
      • 24-hour telephone medical assistance service.
      • Second medical opinion service.
      • Death management (with no advance on capital).
      • Inheritance service.
    • Informative note by CatalunyaCaixa Vida.



  • Additional exclusive services - 24h Service via telephone 902 200 722

    With CX life insurance you can choose the covers you want to tailor your policy to your needs. Plus you also get the following exclusive additional services just for having CX life insurance.
    • Medical guidance and second opinion
      Permanent access to a medical team specialising in preventive and family medicine which will answer your health-related questions and queries.For example:
      • Your child has a temperature and you don't know what to give them.
      • You've done something and now your neck hurts. What painkiller can you take? Is it better to apply heat or cold?
      • Someone in your family has an allergic skin reaction and you don't know what to do about it.
      • You have to have a knee operation and would like to hear what another doctor has to say.
    • Advice about nutrition and dietetics
      For any questions about food, nutrition and dietetics and to get a personalised report with recommendations if you want one.For example:
      • You have high cholesterol or blood pressure and want to know which foods you should avoid and which ones you can eat.
      • You want some personalised guidelines to help you stay at your current weight or shed some pounds.
    • Healthy habits test
      Review of health parameters to get a report about your current state of health with recommendations to improve it.
    • Services if someone passes away
      Arranging funeral services (contacting the undertaker, hiring the services required) and post mortem administrative agency services so the family does not have to do painful procedures.
    • Inheritance service
      Tax advice, getting certificates, etc., to help with handling the estate.
  • Policies taken out through CatalunyaCaixa Mediación, Operador de Banca-assegurances Vinculat, SL. Registered in the Special Admin. Reg. of Art. 52 of Act 26/2006 with no. OV-0029. It has arranged liability insurance and sufficient financial guarantees pursuant to the Act. CIF (Tax Code): B-58812074. Entitat asseguradora CatalunyaCaixa Vida S.A. d'Assegurances i Reassegurances - Societat Unipersonal / CIF (Tax Code): A-58283128.

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