Línea Total de Caixa Catalunya
Accounts [+ info]
Check your account balance and transactions in euros and foreign currencies. Request cheque books.

Check your standing orders and direct debits, change the account from which payments are debited, and set up new ones and stop those you no longer require. Return a debit. Block a lost or stolen passbook. Block account charges in case of phishing. Sign up for a current account.
Transfers [+ info]
Check and make transfers to other national and international institutions. Transfers with collaboration agreement: Transfers between Caixa Catalunya accounts. Make donations to non-governmental organisations. Check regular orders, set them up and stop those you no longer require. Cancel transfers made online. Make money transfer orders.
Cards [+ info]
Check your card conditions and statements. Activate cards you have received at home. Transfer money from your card to your account. Make advance payments and change payment conditions. Pay for your purchases in instalments, check the amount owed on purchases paid for in instalments, and pay off instalments earlier than planned. Check and charge buyout transactions awaiting payment. Block lost or stolen cards. Sign up for cards. Block non face-to-face transactions.
Total Plus Programme [+ info]
Consult the features of the Total Plus Programme. Check accumulated points, establishments where you can get points and consult the catalogue. Apply for gifts and check the status of applications being processed. Redeem points for cash, make automatic payments into your account and transfer points. Raise an issue regarding the Total Plus Programme.
Deposits [+ info]
Check the nature of your deposits and the interest accrued. Make deposits. Simulate withdrawing deposits and withdraw them. Check deposits. No renewing deposits at maturity. Set up a deposit.
Savings plans and insurance [+ info]
Check your savings plan's general features and transactions. Make occasional and/or regular contributions and redemptions. Change regular orders. Simulate a savings plan redemption. Sign up for a savings plan and open and cancel policies.
Investment funds [+ info]
Check general information and fund transactions. Check the fund's net asset value. Simulate redemption of a fund. Subscribe and redeem the entire amount or a portion of your fund. Make occasional and regular contributions. Look for, compare and set up funds. Check the receipt of an external fund transfer. Check cash values and transactions, make contributions/redemptions and redistribute investments in your Flexible Multifund.
Securities [+ info]
Check the current value, transactions and the performace of your securities accounts. Find out the result of selling your shares portfolio. Check preferred shares and subordinated debt. Make securities and warrant trading orders, find out the status of your orders and stop them. Check quotes. Capital increases, splits, contrasplits, primary offerings and secondary offerings. Bond issues. Sign up for a Securities Account.
Pension plans [+ info]
Check consolidated rights, your pension plan transactions and its liquidation value. Transfer plans internally. Make occasional and regular contributions. Sign up for a pension plan.
Loans [+ info]
Check information about your loans. Make extraordinary partial and total repayments and simulate repayments. Apply for a loan.
Taxes and notifications [+ info]
PAllows confirmation of personal income tax declaration drafts (settlements made, drafts confirmed and declarations presented).

Allows payment of notifications, charges, registrations and taxes, and to check these.
Mobile top up [+ info]
Top up your mobile with any Caixa Catalunya card or passbook of which you are the holder.
Insurance [+ info]
Simulate and sign up for home, car and health insurance. Change your home insurance coverage.
Foreign [+ info]
Check foreign exchange. Make and check international transfers. Buy and sell currency. Sign up for and manage multicurrency accounts and deposits.
Línia Total by Telephone [+ info]
Sign up for the service. Change the PIN and send a copy of the PIN and the co-ordinates card.
Línia Total Online [+ info]
Sign up for the service. Change the PIN and send a new password. Unblock the service and the co-ordinates card.
Línia Total by Text [+ info]
Register, unregister and reactivate the service. Check the service is available. Change the PIN and mobile from which transactions are made.
Ecological correspondence [+ info]
Activate the ecological correspondence service to stop paper correspondence and deactivate it.
Total Protection Service [+ info]
Register and unregister for the service. Change your details.
Personal details [+ info]
Change postal address, contact telephone and e-mail.

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