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CX Cards

Find the card that suits you best

A wide range of CX cards tailored to your needs:   so you pay immediately or   so you pay at the end of the month, deposit cards for saving, exclusive designer cards, charity cards, cards with discounts or ones to meet the specific needs of particular groups of customers. Choose the one that suits you best and ask for it online.

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More advantages
with your CX cards.

Enjoy the benefits of CX Descuentos 

Discover the difference of paying with your CX cards. Discounts in: Galp, Offerum, Apple, Toys'r'us, Firstop, Subway, Barceló...and more!


Catalonia Solidarity Card

A debit or credit card where you contribute to charitable projects in Catalonia with every purchase you make. Learn about its other advantages.

CX Visa Card

A credit card with a single monthly charge and the option of a high credit limit. It also has a range of associated added value insurance policies.

CX Gold Visa Card

A credit card with a single monthly charge and the option of a high credit limit. It also has a range of associated added value insurance policies.

Plus Card

A credit card for people over 60 which in addition to the advantages of CX cards also means you can enjoy the amenities of the RENFE Gold Card.

Visa Electron card

A card you can use to do your everyday shopping without carrying cash and have it immediately charged to your account so you can keep an eye on your spending.

Teletac Via-T

Avoid queues and pay tolls without stopping all over Spain using a dedicated lane. No installation needed.

Platinum Black Card

A very exclusive credit card with valuable associated services and insurance for your complete peace of mind.

MasterCard Card

A credit card to withdraw money from ATMs and shop in any MasterCard participating establishment.

MasterCard Infinit Gold Card

Shop on credit without worrying about a big charge as you can decide how much you want to pay as an instalment each month.

Young Visa Electron Card

The card for people under 31 which you can use to shop and take out money worldwide. First year free. And also the subsequent years if you use the card al least three times a year.

Student Card

If you are studying at the UAB, this is the card for you. Free and packed with promotions.

Deposit Card

A card that can only be used to pay in cash or cheques 24 hours a day at any CX ATM and which you can give to others with complete peace of mind.

Business Debit Card

The new card designed for companies and freelancers so you and your employees can make every day payments without having to carry cash and which are charged to your account at the time of purchase.

Visa Business Classic

Lets companies pay for and finance employee travel and representation expenses, as well as pay for purchases of miscellaneous supplies.

Visa Business Gold

A card with identical features to the Visa Business Classic but with a higher credit limit and insurance with more covers.

Visa Corporate Silver

For easy payment and financing of travel and representation expenses of senior executives, officers and managers of large companies or public sector institutions.

Visa Corporate Gold

Includes the advantages of the Visa Corporate Silver card plus a higher credit limit and insurance with more covers.

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